Security is king. Whether online or in real life, privacy and safety are determining factors for the majority of our decisions. Especially on the internet, you should do whatever it takes to protect yourself. This is why people use VPNs. Virtual Private Networks can protect you in your day to day use and business dealings. The number of VPN providers is going up daily, but not all of them have the Nord name attached to them. In this article we will go over NordVPN and why so many people use them for their preferred method of protection.


NordVPN Difference

When it comes to VPNs free or cheap is not a good thing. Free VPN providers make their money by logging and selling your online movements to other companies. Cheap VPN providers log your information and offer subpar services. Some of them will not even allow you to open blocked websites like Netflix. This is what makes NordVPN such a pleasant surprise. NordVPN gives a good name to cheap VPN services.

We talked about avoiding cheap VPN providers, but at $2.99 a month, NordVPN remains one of the cheaper VPN providers in the market. In fact, NordVPN is the only reputable brand I would recommend that is priced under $5. This is truly a bargain when you realize that for $36 a month you can protect your online activities, information and business information for a whole year.

Services, speed, security and privacy provided by NordVPN is unquestionable. Streaming movies or shows on Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, or HBO Now, you will experience a flawless and fast connection. With an average speed of 115 Megabits/second NordVPN is one of the faster VPN providers in the market. The speed is not the only attracting capability of the Nord brands VPN offering.

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In-Depth Look at NordVPN Offerings

To get a better understanding of what all NordVPN provides its users, we need to dive a little deeper into their system:

  • Headquartered in the country of Panama, NordVPN gets little pressure or regulation from governing powers. This means your privacy is nearly guaranteed.
  • NordVPN has 5,000+ servers in 63 different countries.
  • NordVPN has a SmartPlay feature to let you stream in ultra HD, circumventing geo-blocks all the while protecting you from bad actors.
  • NordVPN has its own torrent client but also works with all the popular torrent clients to allow you to send and receive as many files as you like without risking your data.
  • NordVPN can truly claim to be the fastest VPN vendor in the market today. Whether you choose a local server or a server on the other side of the world, NordVPN provides incredible speeds to avoid any lags or buffering.
  • Weirdly enough being the fastest, is not what NordVPN is known for, in fact, it is their private and secure browsing capability. This provider uses AES 256-biy encryption algorithm to conceal your data. This is the most secure encryption available in the world today.
  • NordVPN utilizes two types of security protocols; OpenVPN UDP/TCP and IKEv2/IPSec. OpenVPN UPD is the most secure protocol available.
  • NordVPN has a very important feature called Kill Switch. This automatic stop traffic function kicks in only when your connection has been compromised. NordVPN Kill Switch will block all traffic from your device (mobile or desktop) to prevent your IP or other information being stolen.

There are countless reasons to trust NordVPN with your personal and business online protection. The incredible speeds can make your hardest work projects, longest meetings, and your you time Netflix run unexpectedly smoothly. Considering you get the safest and fastest VPN services, at these prices, it is hard to consider any other provider than NordVPN, the top dog in the online security industry.