Two things that we always look for in life is safety and privacy. This is same for everything you do in your day to day life, whether online, at home, outside, or at work. As you grow and have more to lose, protecting those things becomes that much more important. When it comes to protecting yourself online, one of the most preferred methods is the use of VPNs. Providers of VPNs like ExpressVPN, work 24/7 to protect your information and let you use the internet privately.

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ExpressVPN Difference

To understand what makes ExpressVPN so great, let’s talk about what a VPN or a Virtual Protection Network is. A VPN is a service that permits you to connect to the internet through an encrypted pathway. This protects cybercriminals from hacking your devices, watching and tracking your online activity, stealing your card or banking information, and gaining your IP address and PIIs (Personal Identifiable Information). ExpressVPN with its vast network casts a protective cloak over you to defend off against any and all attempts.

ExpressVPN built a name for themselves through providing a fast, secure, constantly improving VPN service. Considered by most to be one of the best VPN providers in the market, ExpressVPN checks off all the right boxes for users. For personal or financial (companies, and corporations) use, this provider gives you access to software programs, browser extensions, and applications all built with great user experience as the focus.

ExpressVPN’s privacy policy informs us that, they do not log any sensitive information. And if you do not want your internet activity logged and sold to the highest bidder or handed over to the local government, then you might realize how important the service of ExpressVPN is. Keeping your company’s or personal computers traffic and data safe is vital in every sense of the way.

In-Depth Look at ExpressVPN Offerings

Let’s take a quick dive into the features and offerings that make ExpressVPN as great as it is:

  • Express VPN has servers spread across 160 cities, in 94 countries. You are covered no matter where you go.
  • No matter, what country you are in and what geo-block you come up against, ExpressVPN can circumvent any of them and let you stream whatever you want in HD quality.
  • ExpressVPN offers users a Smart Location feature that with the click of a button allows you to connect to the nearest, fastest and most latent server. When connecting to ExpressVPN servers, your connection speeds will still perform at nearly 80-90% of connecting without a VPN, which is truly impressive. This speed allows you to stream or use the internet without a lag.
  • ExpressVPN uses 256-bit AES encryption which is the most secure encryption around as of August, 2020. AES encryption combines AES 256-bit cypher, a 4069-bit RSA key and SHA-512 HMAC authentication to provide you with one of the securest and most private services to browse the net.
  • Express VPN uses a feature that they call “perfect forward secrecy”, which changes your encryption key each time you log on. Separating this session from all others and securing everything that came before and will come after.
  • ExpressVPN has multiple security protocols and chooses the one with the best connection.
  • ExpressVPN features a Kill Switch called Network Lock, that blocks all traffic from a network if it has been compromised. Kill Switches protect your traffic data and IP address in case of a breach.

You do not get a name as the best in the industry by being anything less. ExpressVPN with its many features, great speeds, top-quality protection delivers on all fronts. When you are conducting business or spending some quality entertainment time, do not let geo-blocks or cybercriminals affect your experiences. A great VPN provider like ExpressVPN can you online securely and freely.